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My boys


My boys




You don’t appreciate “momisms” until you are one. Momisms are statements that my mother said while I was growing up.

“We all live here.”

Every time I leave the house it is found in disarray upon re-arrival. God forbid anyone but me picks up a mess, broom, mop, or vacuum. “We all live here” my mother would say alluding to no one helping her clean. We all brushed it off until I became the mother and started saying it to my kids and husband too.

“Best not to watch”

I thought of this as I was watching my son slurp up his milk in his cereal this morning. Cringing that at any moment it may catapult onto his new shirt. “Best not to watch” is what my mother always said to us and what instantly came to mind. Whatever, Mom is the thought I would have. Now the full reality of the expression sinks in. Again, as related to the previous sentiment, I’m now the one to clean the mess or deal with the consequences. It could be cleaning a physical mess or an emotional one.

This mom stuff is hard!!! No matter how my mother may have prepared me, it takes being in the driver seat to appreciate the challenges.

Recently we had a week of viruses, sleepiness, crankiness, malaise, and such. I asked her, “how did you get through?” She laughed and answered, “Half the time we didn’t know what we were doing. Brace yourself; it’s only the beginning. Just keep busy.” This response solicited dread. ¬†What’s to come? Keep busy so you don’t lose it? Ignorance is bliss? Oh no.

Yesterday on the beach was a large group of kids, particularly boys. I watched the boys wrestle and fight FOR HOURS. A thought was, oh no, I have TWO. It’s going to be an interesting ride.