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Power of Prayer


I planned to run the Seaside 10 (a ten mile race in Ocean City). I had done it twice before, however my training fell short. I ran the Ocean City half marathon in April and then took the summer off (partly because I wanted to surf more, and partly because it was so hot and I wanted a break). So I began training in late August for the Seaside 10 Oct. 27th. September was great. I would integrate my runs into errands. 3-5 miles on Tuesday and Thursday with the jogging

stroller after I dropped Jonas off at school. 5-7 miles runs on the weekends. One week I peaked at 18 miles total. A great accomplishment from my longest run of 3 miles (total per week!) in the summer. Great, I’m on a roll, I thought; I can do this! Then October came. I digressed first from travel. A nine hour weekend drive to Cape Cod for a wedding (one full day there with the wedding included) halted my progress. On top of the time restraints, we had a set breakfast time at the B&B, and I had acquired a sinus infection which craves sleep. OK, so we arrived Saturday around 5p.m. The only breakfast slot left open was for Sunday morning at 9.a.m. That left a few hours for shopping before the wedding at 3p.m. Saturday night. We went out to dinner and had a few drinks at the Chatham Squire (a fun and much needed date night sans children). So, Sunday morning I slept until 8a.m. What a treat!!!! Luka is usually up by 6a.m. daily. Okay I had to pump, and then I had 30 minutes for a run: 3 miles instead of my planned 8-10, but what a great run! Jason and I got to run together and see the lighthouse and various sights on the Cape. I always love to explore a new place by running. It’s quieter in the morning, and I can take in so many details that I may miss by driving.

The next weekend I planned a long run again, but the night before made dinner for a friend who was in town. I hadn’t seen her in a while, we’re chatting, and before I knew it I drank a few glasses of wine. Oops. The next day I set out on my run and returned limping home at mile two from cramps. Dehydration had taken over my goal. Okay, two weeks off, no biggie, I will make up for it next week. Right? Wrong. The jogging stroller gets a flat tire during a run with baby in it. I have a few days setback from that. Then I decide the universe is telling me not to run the race. Too many signs?

I decided to go the race. I have never missed a deadline, and I have to follow through as planned, or I will feel like a slug I decided. So I was driving there not sure if I would run the 10 mile race as planned, since I only peaked at 7 miles. I thought I could just run the 5k-short and sweet, also considering that it was freezing, windy, and gray. Therefore, I did what I always did when I couldn’t make a decision or felt mentally foggy, I prayed. Ask, be still, and listen. I parked the car, got out, and saw my friend’s Mom, Lisa, who I had run the race with before. She asked which race I am running. I told her I didn’t know. She said to run the 10 mile race with her. Okay, I decided. There was my sign. I went and registered and ran. I felt great the first half. My friend’s Mom was pacing us to come in around 1 hour 30 minutes, or 9 minute miles. Then, the turn around came, we picked up the pace and my knees began to hurt. The under-trained over-used pain. I kept pushing on until we got to mile 8. My knees hurt, and I didn’t want to hold Lisa back. I told her to go ahead. I told myself, just keep moving. Just finish strong. Finish strong. Ouch, finish strong, etc. Then I put my music on, and flew to the finish. I came in under 1:30. I PR’ed. God guided me through. I felt the same way when I gave birth-a strong spiritual connection to a higher power that gave me strength.

A few days later I couldn’t find something. I prayed to Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost things, according to my Catholic upbringing. I went outside and noticed that I had a hole in my glove. So I went inside to sew it, and lo and behold the thing I was looking for was next to my thread. Thank you, God! I exclaimed. I could have looked at the hole in my glove as a setback or an inconvenience, but instead I saw it as an answered prayer.

My faith guided me. No matter what people believe in it’s nice to know that we are not alone. That something is with us, helping us, guiding us. Living in faith and not fear is a way I want to live.


How do you find energy?


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Jonas has school everyday and I am back to teaching at Wor-Wic. We had a great summer, frolicking and fancy free. Now we have to be somewhere at a certain time every day. It has put a damper on our summer freedom and fun, not to mention added stress to our daily routine. I took a year off from teaching after having Luka and remember thinking during that year, how did I work? Just keeping up with the kids and the house was a full time job. If I did have a little “down time” I was resting-exhausted from all the chores. If someone asked you if you wanted a job where you weren’t paid, thanked, never received a day, night, weekend, or holiday off, had to clean excrement daily, had someone bother you when you wanted to use the bathroom, shower, cook, clean, or do anything, would you take it? That is what a stay at home parent does. I think I could have an au pair and still never get everything done. So do we need help, or need to do less? I want to teach, and I think when could I squeeze the classes in? Between naps and to and from school, etc. It’s a tricky balance between work, parenting, cooking, cleaning, planning and making meals, etc.

During my first class back at school, the overhead projector wasn’t working properly and the computer froze. I asked the head of the department for advice since my classroom was right across the hall. As we are attempting to reboot the computer in the middle of class in front of 22 students she says, “this is the worst thing that can happen”. I think, really? I just had the dog eat a poopy diaper this morning and clean pee off the floor daily (between my dog with incontinence and my baby who I am unsuccessfully potty training). I didn’t think a technical glich was so bad. I had prepared (over prepared) for class that morning so could just as easily lecture from memory than use the Power Point. Sure, it would be nice if everything went smoothly but often it doesn’t.

I often feel overwhelmed by everything and everyone that needs attention daily. I admire my friends who work, have kids, write novels, change the world, etc. I think, how do they do it all? How do you find energy to wear various hats in life?