Monthly Archives: October 2015

Cherish time


Three different people approached me today to ask when the “due date” (guess date) was. I said maybe 5-6 weeks? I am 33 weeks. The last baby came at 38. The response was either, “ugh!”, or “you are not going that long”, or a stare of disbelief. As much as I miss feeling like myself, it is an amazing time to cherish with the burgeoning life inside. Each kick is a miracle. Instead of thinking how much time is left, I will try to cherish each moment as it is. Not thinking about how I used to feel, or what it will be like to have him outside of me, but to live in the moment. Embrace each movement, discomfort, and take it all in stride that this is so, so temporary. Although 5-6 weeks may seem like a lot, in the blink of a lifetime it is so miniscule. So if you ask me “how much longer?”, my response will be in due time, or I don’t know, but I’m enjoying today, are you?IMG_9090IMG_8656