Too busy


Busy is the new norm. Women, men, mothers, fathers all juggle work, family, and personal time. I know that we do. Running to teach, drop kids off at school, pick kids up at school, drive them to soccer, try to squeeze in a fitness class, etc. We wake up rushing from one thing to the next. A recent mother of another preschool said, “the pace of our lives is crazy. Moms try to take care of the house, kids, and work.” It’s true. We try to do it all and achieve the impossible super mom status. Our society endorses immediacy, a fast paced, and working culture. A lot of moms I know who stay home say they feel people look down upon them if they don’t work outside the home, especially moms in metropolitan areas. It’s increasingly common to have a full time job, send the kids to daycare, or hire a nanny or au pair. It’s just the new normal. Of course moms also stay home and even homeschool, but it seems like most people try to juggle work, family, and play. Is this good or bad? It depends on the family of course. And as my mother-in-law always says do what’s best for YOUR family. Each is unique. Do you need more money? or more time? I know we enjoy going to the beach everyday in the summer and the first few weeks of school are ROUGH! It’s hard to be on a schedule. It’s demanding, stressful, and full of emotions. As my mom asked how things were recently going, I responded, “good, everyone’s crying.” It’s a big adjustment for us all. School is stressful! Time wise, but also kids are pressured to perform well, act well, and be on a timeline all day with little recess or food! (That’s another blog). Today was a particularly begrudging day. The six year old DID NOT want to go to school because today they wouldn’t have recess from a punishment from the previous day. I pretty much drug him there. It was really rough for all of us. I asked his teacher what happened and that my son was very upset. She said the gym teacher said they weren’t listening and that was all she knew. Needless to say the days where your child does NOT want to go to school, puts up a GOOD fight, and you leave feeling like someone punched you in the heart, you begin to question things. Should I homeschool? Should I give tough love? Should I succumb to societal norms and pressures? Should I quit my job? Should I do less? Should I do more? How do we find balance between structure and play?


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