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21 reasons why I love summer


Summer solstice means my favorite season is here!!! Why? Well.

1) Vata. Dosha that likes hot, humid weather b/c I’m always cold!
2) Yoga on the beach. We have such a short season to practice.
3) Ice Cream!
4) Pool time
5) Surfing in warmer water. Although, the water here only gets in the 70s at most!
6) No school/flexible schedule. Free time!!! Less rushing. Amen.
7) Less socks! This adds significantly less laundry to a family of five.
8) No shoes! I love being barefoot, but it’s also easier to leave the house with three kids:)

9) Shorts and tanks. Again less laundry. Easy peasy to leave house without coats, hats, gloves, etc.

10) flip flops! Again easy out the door

11) Simplicity! Less laundry, less clothes, free time…

12) Garden! Hello fresh produce!

13) flowers

14) camping

15) wedding anniversary! 7/7/07

16) my birthday! 8/28

17) son’s birthday! 8/29 (he almost stole my birthday)

18) bonfires

19) smores

20) it’s dark late

21) being outside!!!